Textile Surfaces...

Spacer Fabrics
We are the competent partner for the manufacturing of spacer fabric structures. The production of small quantities (from 500 running metres), customer-oriented dyeing and flexible, soft structures with skin-friendly surfaces set us apart from other knitted fabric manufacturers.
Constant high quality standards are also part of our philosophy as well as the supply of customised structures adapted to the purpose of use with special functions, such as flame retardance, bioactive effects
or directed moisture transport in the fabric.
With our modern double-needle bar technology we are able to comply with customer-specific requirements for individual purposes.

Narrow Fabrics
Ribbon Weaving, Braidings - we produce small series including warp preparation (spooling, warping, sizing).
We are specialized in ribbons for medical applications, technique and electronics.
By request, we offer customer-specific labels, lanyards and braidings or use fancy yarns and special threads for ornamental trimmings and technical braidings.

We offer fabric selection and the manufacturing of small quantities with frame and jacquard technology for medicine, industry and
especially Smart Textiles.

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