the highly conductive yarn

The especially high conductivity of ELITEX® yarn, its wide variety of equipment and the production of small series demarcate our profile in the field of special threads.
The compliance with a continuously high quality standard is a central pillar of our philosophy. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 900:2008.
You require assistance for choosing your ELITEX® yarn? We are happy to support you sustainably and with a wide experience.

Examples of applications

ELITEX® is a highly conductive yarn made from polyamide. It is given electrical features by coating it with pure silver. The especially high conductivity of  ELITEX® opens new fields of applications.

The technical features of textiles such as flexibility, flex-crack resistance and washability are kept. ELITEX® is technologically processable without any problems. It can be turned into a surface by weaving, knitting, embroidering and sewing.

Among others, our  ELITEX® - yarns are used in the following fields:

In vehicles, ELITEX® is for example used as a heating wire in seat heating systems. Thus, no hot spots can result as a consequence of cracked wires. This avoids an over-heating of the seat or even a burning seat.  
ELITEX® can also be used for producing textile electrodes for EEG- and ECG-systems for medical purposes. Those sensors might be integrated into a wide variety of carrier materials. Signals can be caught in high quality and without having to fix sensors on the skin using gel or glue materials. Further advantages: fewer skin irritations, flexibility, washability.
Due to its good bonding features (it can be soldered) and flexibility, ELITEX® is well suitable as a wire for electronic components in textiles or for textile-based integrated circuit layouts. For example, ELITEX® was used for developping an interactive police waistcoat and a temperature- and humidity measurement circuit.
We offer different degrees of fineness of ELITEX® and weare able to equip it with special functions. For medical applications, we have developped ELITEX® SC (Skin Contact).
ELITEX® I is used wherever insulation or corrosionprotection are required. ELITEX® E is the elastic version of the thread. It is produced by combining ELITEX® with elastic yarns.

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